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Orthopedic Physical Therapy is the cornerstone of restoring function, strength, and mobility in individuals with musculoskeletal conditions. At Fortis, our orthopedic services are comprehensive and tailored to cater to a vast range of needs.


Sport-related Injuries

From sprained ankles to tennis elbow, we help athletes and enthusiasts get back in the game. Our specialized services aim at not only rehabilitating the injury but also at optimizing performance to prevent future setbacks.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic musculoskeletal pain can be debilitating. We employ evidence-based therapies to manage and reduce pain, focusing on its root cause and providing long-term relief.

Manual Therapy

Our expert therapists use hands-on techniques to manipulate muscles and joints, relieving pain, increasing range of motion, and fostering optimal physical function.

Joint and Muscle Conditions

Whether it's arthritis, tendinitis, or muscle strains, our orthopedic care plans are designed to alleviate discomfort, enhance mobility, and improve the overall quality of life.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Surgery is just the first step in your recovery journey. Our therapists work closely with patients post-surgery, aiding in a faster and more efficient recovery, ensuring that you regain your mobility and strength.

Balance and Gait Analysis

For those facing difficulties with balance or walking, we offer specialized training and exercises to improve stability and reduce the risk of falls.

Man and woman doing a workout routine at the gym, focusing on physical fitness and health.


We work hard to ensure you receive the best orthopedic physical therapy aligned to your needs


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1. Schedule A Consultation

Discuss personalized needs and begin the journey to restoration and strength.

2. Personalized Treatment Plan

Post-assessment, a detailed project/treatment plan is crafted, outlining the therapy sessions, exercises, and any other recommended treatments.

3. Begin Therapy Sessions

Once the treatment plan is agreed upon, therapy sessions commence, which might include a mix of manual therapy, exercises, and other treatment modalities.

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