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We understand that you might have questions before embarking on your wellness journey with Fortis. Our FAQs section is curated to address common queries and concerns. We aim to provide clarity and make your experience seamless.


Mobile physical therapy (PT) involves your therapist coming to you! In this type of setting, you are treated where you are most comfortable. For pelvic health, your home is preferred for your privacy and comfort level, but for general physical therapy, Stephanie can meet you at your home, gym, or favorite park! This is not home health, which requires you to be homebound in which leaving the home is a considerable and taxing effort. Mobile PT is designed for when you prefer the ease of your clinician coming to you. Mobile PT offers the benefits of meeting you where you live your life and truly personalizing your care to you.

In order to best serve you, Stephanie will spend 75 minutes with you during your initial evaluation to get to know you and your story: Where you have been, where you are, and where you hope to be. This allows Stephanie to look at your whole person and create a plan with you to best fit your goals and lifestyle. She will begin by gathering a history of why you are seeking physical therapy, followed by a full-body assessment pertinent to your concerns or goals. She will optimize your treatment plan by looking at your whole body from the start of your care to see how global movement patterns may be impacting your overall mobility. If there are any services on that first visit to optimize performance or alleviate discomfort, they will be provided as indicated. Finally, we will establish a personalized plan together for how to move forward to best suit your needs. Her goal is to make sure you have the tools in your box to take control of your health and wellness. Each followup treatment is 60 minutes.

You can do whatever is least stressful and most comfortable for you! Stephanie is familiar and comfortable working with families in the patient care environment and welcomes their involvement to the level that you are comfortable with. If you are more comfortable without family presence, then that is also completely fine. She is happy to help soothe or hold baby while you complete exercises if needed.

We understand that life happens! We try to make our policy as generous as possible to allow for unexpected life events. However, when notice is provided within 24 hours of appointment or when you are not available at your scheduled time with no notice, then another person did not receive care that could have been provided during that time. With adequate notice we have the ability to treat another person who needs support during that appointment time and reschedule your appointment if needed and time allows.

Stephanie comes from a background of multiple settings using insurance-based models. She saw the many pitfalls of insurance-based care and found it frequently limited her patients and their ability to achieve their goals. Most often, the patients that needed therapy most were denied by their insurance companies. When treatment is not denied, it seems to be delayed, which can mean more is then needed. When patients begin to show improvement, your insurance may then deny any continued treatments. Cash-based or concierge medicine allows patients to take back control over their health. You and your therapist can decide when you have reached your goals. Instead of decisions made by insurance, decisions are made as a team between your therapist and yourself. 

Financial responsibility is with you and not with your insurance company. Some insurance companies allow for a “superbill” to be submitted for reimbursement. This includes a list of treatment codes provided, however, this does not guarantee reimbursement. We will be happy to provide a superbill at your request. It should be noted that Medicare does not allow for superbills or reimbursement and therefore we do not treat anyone 65+ if they have a medical need for physical therapy. We are happy, however, to offer wellness services for general mobility and fitness within that population.

We accept cash, cashier’s check, credit card, HSA, or FSA funds. We do have a cancellation policy included in new patient paperwork that will be provided.

If your question isn’t covered, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist!



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